36/52/67" Cat Tree Scratching Activity Centre Climbing Toy House Scratcher Post

36/52/67" Cat Tree Scratching Activity Centre Climbing Toy House Scratcher Post

3 different Models available, each with 4 colours to choose from. Select in the drop down menu. 

A cat tree isn’t just an extravagant purchase for a cat guardian, it’s actually a beneficial addition to the indoor environment. 

Cats live in a vertical world and they depend on elevated areas for safety, comfort, exercise and fun. If you’ve ever had to retrieve your kitty from the top of the refrigerator or bookcase you know how much she enjoys being on the tallest perch in the room.


- Peace in a Multi-Cat Household

Adding a higher level will give your cats more territorial space, allowing both cats to live peacefully together.

- Security for a Timid Cat

Cat’s who can see more of their surroundings are more relaxed. 

- A Safe Hiding Place

A cat tree can be a great way of providing your cat with an escape route if things get too overwhelming.

- Added Stimulation and reduce mischievous behavior by providing a safe place to scratch.


Made of high quality material, and covered with soft plush, comfortable fabrics and exquisite design.

Different colours and a stylish design make it a great decor for your house.

Multi-Level design, big enough for two cats to rest and play.

Posts covered by sisal rope, help to keep claws sharp and healthy.

Easy to assemble and dismantle. Instructions included. 

Lightweight and portable for easy moving.

A small mouse on the top plate for pets to have fun.

All finishes are non-toxic, safe and environment friendly.

Boards are made of compressed wood and covered in soft faux fur



Weight: 1526g (1.5kg)

Dimension: 30L x 30W x 92H (cm)


Weight: 2.5KG

Dimension: 50L x 50W x 132H (cm)


Weight: 3kg

Dimension: 50L x 50W x 170H (cm)

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